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Nursing Case Study

Client A was born in 1920 and has lived on the Monmouthshire area all her life with her family close by.

In 1996, the client underwent a hip replacement operation and skin grafts and, unfortunately, three years later suffered a stroke paralysing her left side.

In 2005, the client came to live at the Priory Care & residential home following a series of seizures. As a result of her medical history she was confined to her bed at home as she was unable to transfer without assistance.

Having carried out a full assessment prior to her arrival, we decided that a first floor room would be advantageous to improve her quality of life. This also enabled her to have a view over the valley on the occasions she was unable to get out of bed. This was further enhanced by a Roma Medical four way electrically adjustable bed which is amongst the standard features in all our rooms.

However, with the availability of specialist staff and hoisting equipment, as well as a rise and recline chair in her room, it was also possible for the client to now move from her bed. She was also able to enjoy the company of others by using one of the three lounges on the ground floor as the home has lift access to all areas.

In addition, our resident physiotherapist was able to work with the client and activities were provided by the home on a daily basis to suit her levels of physical ability. We also have a weekly surgery at the Priory provided by the local GP who also visits on a weekly basis or as required.

As there are no visiting restrictions to the Priory her family and friends are able to visit the home at any time and if they wish, join her for a meal before taking in the extensive grounds and beautiful views over the Wey Valley, which is a designated area of natural beauty. Consequently the client’s quality of life and independence has been enhanced.

Residential Case Study

Client B was born in 1933 and originally came from Hertfordshire but moved to Newport with her husband. Following his death she moved to the Priory Nursing & Residential Home in 2000.

With the exception of diabetes this client is not dependent and is able to dress and care for herself. However, she also has the reassurance of knowing that there are qualified staff to hand twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

The client enjoys the activities that are available in the home which include Art Classes, Bingo, Films and Day Trips. Furthermore, as she is a smoker she enjoys relaxing and enjoying the views from the smoking room.

There are no visiting restrictions in the home so her family and friends can drop by whenever they like. In addition the home is in an area of outstanding natural beauty so there are a number of walks around the home that afford spectacular views of the Wye Valley.

The resident chef offers a good variety of traditional food with a choice of three dishes and morning and afternoon coffee with cake and biscuits.

Whilst this particular client maintains a high level of dependence the home provides an enhanced quality of life in a safe and secure environment whilst maintaining her dignity and independence.

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