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The Priory is primarily a ‘Home’. We aim to promote a happy, friendly atmosphere for the benefit of all our residents. All our staff will:

  • Respect your privacy and dignity.
  • Respect your wishes and right to make decisions for yourself.
  • Promote your independence by encouraging you to retain as much mobility and capacity for independence as possible, and by offering you choices wherever possible.

We are committed to the principle that everyone at The Priory should be accorded equal rights and opportunities, regardless of age, gender, disability or any other factor.

On arrival to the Priory a Care Plan is compiled for each resident. This will itemise each resident’s individual medical and social needs, indicating what nursing procedures and/or medications (if any) are required, and will also include objectives for health improvement.

Both the resident and their next of kin may offer input to the Care Plan if they wish. Twice-daily reports, with weekly summaries, are written for each resident and are evaluated when updating the overall Care Plan.

Each resident is assigned a key worker and a named nurse. The key worker will take a particular interest in you as an individual, your special interests and any problems you may encounter, such as marking clothing, arranging for dry cleaning etc..

Your Named Nurse will have responsibility to ensure that your Care Plan is followed through.

There are no restrictions on visiting and visitors are always welcome. With the exception of particular areas, the home operates a non-smoking policy

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