Home Standards

All the staff at The Priory Care Homes will:

  • Respect your privacy and dignity.
  • Respect your wishes and your right to make decisions for yourself.
  • Promote your independence by encouraging you to retain as much mobility and capacity for independence as possible. The Priory Care Home Staff will offer you choices wherever possible.
  • We are committed to the principle that everyone at The Priory should be accorded equal rights and opportunities. This will be regardless of age, gender, disability or any other factor.
  • On arrival to the Priory, a Care Plan, compiled for each resident, will be written using the Care Docs system.
  • Both the resident and their next of kin may offer input to the Care Plan if they wish and this is encouraged.
  • Each resident is assigned a key worker and, an NMC registered nurse will update your care plan on a regular basis.
  • Your named Nurse will have the responsibility to ensure that your Care Plan is followed through.
  • There are no restrictions on visiting and visitors are always welcome. With the exception of particular areas, the home operates a non-smoking policy – Further information is available on our FAQ page