Below are the Priory Care Homes basic
Conditions of Admission for our mutual benefit

  • A letter/care plan from the General Practitioner / Hospital Consultant must accompany the patient on admission and a pre admission assessment carried out by a suitably qualified member of staff.
  • All drugs, medications and treatment creams must be handed in on admission. Relatives and visitors are asked not to bring in medications or foods without consulting the Manager, Matron in Charge or Sister in Charge.
  • Clients are asked to discuss smoking and drinking requirements on admission and are advised that their personal stocks of these items are usually held by the home and available on request.
  • The fees are set at the time of admission and are due on or before the agreed payment date. We reserve the right to charge interest at the rate of two per cent above the annual current minimum lending rate of our bank on any sums outstanding seven days after the due date. Fees are subject to annual review at the start of the financial year.
  • Fees, unless otherwise stated include accommodation, full board, laundering of personal items and nursing care.
  • Respite fees are payable in advance and failure to do so may result in refusal to stay.
  • Registration with doctors can be private in which case the supply of drugs and medication will also be private and the appropriate charge will be made. Clients treated under the NHS will receive medical attention, drugs and medication as administered.
  • Visiting times are kept as flexible as possible though consideration for the daily running of the home would be appreciated. If you wish to visit during unsociable hours or are unsure of the homes timetable please consult with either the Manager or Matron in Charge.
  • Our existing insurance policies cover effects up to a maximum of £200 per client. If property of greater value is retained these must be covered by the clients own insurance. Whilst every care is taken, clients are requested not to keep cash or valuables in their rooms but rather deposit them in the safe to be looked after by the Manager.
  • No responsibility can be taken for items not handed in on admission or updated as appropriate. No responsibility can either be taken for personal possession not clearly and permanently marked or named.
  • Residence in the Nursing Home does not constitute a tenancy within the meaning of the Rents Acts. We, therefore, reserve the right to terminate the license to occupy a bed or room in the Nursing Home, on formal written notice of four weeks. On the clients part termination of the contract must be given by the same length of notice in writing unless the client stay is for a pre-determined period.
  • Queries or complaints should be addressed to the Home Manager. The complaints policy constitutes part of the statement of Purpose – Service Users Guide, located in the Matron in Charges office.
  • In the event that the client vacates the room permanently for any reason, we reserve the right to make a vacant room charge, not exceeding one week’s fees, where notice has not or can not be given.
    In the case of temporary absence, the fees will be payable for retention of the room.
  • Management cannot accept responsibility for clients personal finances but are always willing to discuss and advise when requested. Information regarding financial assistance with fees is also available on request.
  • We request that for reasons of hygiene pets are not brought onto the premises by persons visiting clients unless they are correctly registered and insured.
  • Further information is available from either the Manager or Matron in Charge. Policy documents are located in either the Manager or Matron in Charge’s office. A copy of the Care Inspectorate for Wales (CSIW) report on the home is available online.
  • If the room is vacated it is your responsibility to remove all items not belonging to the home and failure to do so will result in a charge not exceeding £150.00.

The Priory Care Home